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Hi there,

I'm pretty much an old fart at 32, I'm from Sydney,Australia and I like to write about all kinds of things with the exception that I am pretty crap at science fiction types of things - probably because I don't like it? lol.

My aim is to one day actually submit something creative - I'd use the word consistent but consistent can mean anything, so I avoid using that word - and pretty 'together' to a publisher but I haven't been as yet able to unify what I'm  currently working on (I'm actually tossing up between shredding it or feeding it to my worst enemy :D )

and that's all from me, I have to get back to work 'work'.

'One of Those Days'

Inspired mainly by this icon.. and one of the shows that was part of my childhood:

I used to be top priority, before the other person came along. Useless it was, there I would sit and nothing would happen. We had been together for quite a while and he understood my every preference – when he would scrub my back in the bath it felt ever so heavenly. His hands had a special magic in themselves. One special squeeze each night perked up my mood something silly!
There he was talking to someone else, sharing everyday moments – including bath time – with another goddamn person and I was relegated second best. How dare he? Who did he think he was? It was not bad enough that I had to sit in the bathroom, among cold tiles, thinking of him and when that next squeeze would come but now I had to listen to his friend everyday. I don’t remember the day the other person moved right on in, but it was a gradual process. One day as they were eating brunch-after a night of intimate play! -They talked at the table and the other person mentioned that I, moi, was not suitable anymore. I had become so unfashionable that the time to toss me out – with the other pieces of rubbish – had come. My back had become even more rigid upon hearing this. Fuming as I loyally waited for him, everything around me transformed into the crimson colour of blood.
He had to die!
I was no one’s second fiddle, and surely not his so I decided that I needed a plan and instantaneously it was like a breathe of fresh air. Now he was still nice, don’t get me wrong. Each day he would greet me and he would have that thin – lipped smile.
‘Hiya, how you doin’?’ He would purr.
I would just look back at him.
No squeezes, no caresses followed and although this ignited my inner rage, I was strangely comforted with the smallest token of acknowledgment – anything was better than nothing. This somehow decreased after the other person plonked their ass in my world – in our world – and I couldn’t stand the googly eyes they made at one another. Like their eyes weren’t googly enough as it was! So night after night, he would smile as he exposed himself to me (Did he expect me to prostrate myself and worship his ‘appendage’ even though he became a cold bastard?) then he would zip himself up, all the while I would sit motionless waiting – eagerly for just one stroke and squeeze – and then he would just walk away.
It all happened one night. I had patiently bided my time and this night was to be special – because everyone goes to the bathroom to have a bath eventually. So he fumbled with the faucets – first the cold and then the hot water – and then he began to disrobe. Shit he was a hairy bastard! Love and adoration can be blinding and more often than not one only sees reality after one is confronted with another’s sheer donkey-assed disrespect.
‘Noumi-Noumi-Hum-Hum-Hum.’ He sang to himself as he gazed at his reflection.
He turned, my eyes were locked onto him – the bastard would surely pay for leaving me for an equally hair ‘other’ person.
Ever so slowly he leaned over the bathtub and turned the faucets. He then ran his index finger through the water and satisfied stepped into the bath. Lowering his arse slowly he then jiggled around a bit because the initial caress of hot water on private parts simply has that effect. Satisfied, he sighed and he half closed his eyes. All the while I waited for I knew that the moment would come – no man could resist me- and so it did. His eyes fell on me and he extended his hand to touch me. I allowed him to grab me and so he did. I found myself balancing on his front and he began to his ‘baby talk’.
‘Hullo my little sweetie-peekie-weekie it’s been a long time.’ He smiled.
You bet YOUR LIFE it’s been a fucking long time you sorry arsed bastard!

The water was hot, but not as heated as my rage.
My resolve was broken and I let loose as I targeted his eyes. He let out a loud scream and the water was splashing everywhere.

‘You’re gonna die Erniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!’ I screamed.

He was speechless for a second.

‘Bert! Help me Bert!….. BERTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT…Rubber Duckie has lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!’..


From a far away dimension, when time didn't exist,
My face magnetised the masses at the flick of a switch.
Wings aflutter,
They all gaped in wonder.
For how could there be one so beautiful in the land of plenty?
It made them all wonder.
Favourite boy, gifted with all the right toys.
Father admired what sprang forth from his loins.
The most intricate gossamer, wings strong as steel,
Yet hypnotisingly wondrous,
Everyone squealed.

Assigned a mission like no other,
A face so beautiful dipped in mystery and wonder.
Shape shifting on demand.
It was I who bit the first woman's white lily hand.
She eyed me so curiously, never before seeing,
A serpentine marvel with recoiled magnificence.
'I'll offer you all the knowledge you seek, for your father appears to think that you’re weak.'
Her eyes were so desirous,
Giving me the answer her mouth could not speak.
My craft is well honed, my talents many.
With one little bite of that apple,
The world became my penny.

To trade, spend, use as I please.
When Adolf wouldn't listen,
I brought him to his knees.

Julius wanted the world and more,
Could have had it, if he wasn't such a bore.

Alexander came and then he conquered,
As mine eyes behind the scenes blinked in wonder.

People claim I am anarchy, chaos and supreme whore,
But I'm many things and more.
The Dark One, Bad Seed,
Annihilator of hope.
Dark Angel, Anti-Christ hear me roar!
Temptation and folly,
Mind game galore.
I tempted the very man that dangled from the cross.

What were the final thoughts in his mind?
If I told,
it wouldn't be 'polite'.

I was cast down, according to the word.
Myth or truth?
The reality would scare you all.

I am among, within and walk among.
The heartbeat that flutters as you seek salvation,
That may come from self-serving domination.
The heat-seeking missile that needs sexual satisfaction.
The fantasy to be the very first ambassador of peace in the nation.
The need to be supreme, win above all others,
and the multitudes of lovers.

It can be called desire,
ambition or pure want.

Results bring satisfaction,
satisfaction brings more want.

My names are aplenty,
vulgar, masterful and uncanny.
The giver of light is my one and favourite,
translates to Lucifer,
I'm sure you won't forget it.

Lord of destruction, master of terror?
No, that's not me;
I'm like your next door neighbour.

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