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Maggie. 18. Rhode Island. [I refuse to be more specific.]

Dandilions On The Inside

Yet another hope flies off my fingertip  
and flutters to the ground  
I have spent my life blowing eyelashes  
spreading dandilions  
squinting at stars  
Reciting lines of fortune  
as if my prayers  
will be carried up and away  
into Stability and Reassurance  
I can't convince myself that  
eyelashes are just hair  
dandilions are just weeds  
stars are impossible miles away  
Wish after wish, I depend on these habits  
to keep hope where it should have died  
Every wish since the first has let me down  
and still another eyelash flutters to the ground

A Beauteous Demise

But you are so much more than that.  
In requiring examples  
such as  
my pride and minutly vast happiness  
in your sucess at telling me  
how tonight  
I have never looked more beautiful  
But it was so much more than that.  
So you can understand my torment  
when the night fell  
that I ran from You.  
Suddenly we both lacked the words  
And what came out was sharp and meaningless  
Unexpected daggars flew  
and as much as I  
did not want this to happen  
Some things die untimly deaths.  
But it was so much more than that.  
That night I could sense your silent rushing footsteps  
tracing my path  
You tried to tell me  
That I never looked more beautiful  
But your terminology was disfigured  
they trembled and fell at your feet  
You, in your efforts to replace them  
sensed I wanted to be unaided  
Your eyes mirrored waterfalls at the fact that  
I no longer understand your meaning.  
But it was so much more than that.  

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