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drove north, where i found you, waiting.

ehh. this is just stream of consciousness poetry i wrote awhile ago. actually, i don't even know what this is. why i am posting this? meh.
not really sure what to do with it, looking for some...pointers? direction? i don't know. some parts are pretty blah. some parts rhyme and some parts don't...i dunno. tell me what you think because this is something i've been wanting to make into something better for awhile.

Is it selfish? Can't I be selfish? If it meant I could have you, I'd practice the seven deadly sins until the devil himself came for me. My heart is all stretched out, my stomach stuck with pins. I stare at you all the day, the colors hurt my eyes. What you are to me is something like what the stars are to a wish. Have you ever wanted the ocean? Because I'd capture every frothy wave to watch you grin. You never walk, you only seem to glide, like every summer sparrow towards the worm. Some night I'd let the fireflys loose in your bedroom to illuminate your sleep. I'll put every dream you have in a box and send them up with the birds until they all come true. Sometimes I wander out past the streets and think if you were here with me, I'd evelope us both so youd' never want to go home. What is it your eyes search for? Open me a door, and soon, Oh can't you see for you, fair sun, I'd kill the envious moon?

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