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Masha. 16. MA

The Angel
Your eyes are like diamonds to me
I can't help but stare
Your smile keeps me breathless
and the sight of you transcends any beauty I've ever known

I never knew angels existed outside of my dreams
untill I met you
and what else could you be but an angel?
For only angels could be as wonderful as you

The sound of your voice brings a smile to my face
a big goofy smile only you can cause
Just one word out of your mouth and I'm transfixed
I'm in awe of everything you are

I wish I could see you in plain view
look into your eyes without a monitor in the way
and I wish I could hear your whisper
without holding the receiver closer to my ear

I wish I didn't have to wish
But maybe one day it won't be in vain
Maybe if I think about you enough you'll appear
And then you'll finally be captured in the arms of my neverending embrace.

This Moment
The light falls in iridescent beams from the many candles scattered around the room
As I look into your eyes I can feel it
This is the moment everyone waits for
When everything feels right
I softly touch your face and it all falls into place for me
You are the one
The angry words of others float out of my mind
I feel true joy, their opinions mean nothing to me
If only this could last forever
This love I feel
The love between two people
Such a strong force
How could such love be seen as unimportant, worthless, and wrong?
These answers are irrelevant
All that matters is this moment
I feel
peace, calm, and wholeness
But at the same time
I feel
weak, scared, and anxious
I take your hand into my own
the candlelight reflecting off the black of your nails
a shiver runs down my spine
slowly I kiss each one of your fingertips
each sweet and beautiful like you
Our eyes meet, and you smile at me
Our lips touch
The world disappears
We are One

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