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"A woman must have money, and a room of her own if she is to write fiction." -Virginia Woolf


A Room Of One's Own is a writers community. How is it different from the dozens of OTHER writing communities on livejournal, you ask?

Its for people who can actually write.

Yes, thats right, it is a rating community of sorts, however, no pictures are needed. We decide whether or not you get in based upon your ability as a writer.


  1. Within 24 hours of joining the community, you must post your application.

  2. For the subject line, put "Audition"

  3. WITHIN AN LJ CUT (or i will eat your children) give your name, age, and location

  4. Then you must post AT LEAST 2 pieces of writing. They can be poetry, prose, lyrics, whatever you like.

  5. Until you are accepted, YOU MAY NOT post, or comment in any other thread aside from your own audition.

  6. If you do the above, consider yourself lunch.

  7. If you break any of these rules, you will be banned.

Once You Are Accepted

  1. We want an active community, so post as much writing as you like, and give constructive criticism when other members ask for it. Dont expect people to help you out or even comment on your posts if you dont do the same for them.

  2. The phrase "if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all" does NOT apply here. Constructive Criticism is a good thing. Both for applicants, and members.

  3. When voting, please put your vote (yes/no/undecided) as your subject line. Feel free to ask questions and whatnot before you make your final decision

  4. When voting, by all means, give them a "hell no", but make sure you provide a valid reason. And by this i do not mean "u suck at writing, go kill urself", only because it makes you sound retarded, and makes the community look bad. So dont do it. The best way to insult idiots is to do it correctly. It just makes them feel more stupid, and is ultimately more fun for you. <3

  5. Pretty much the same goes for giving constructive criticism to accepted members. They probably dont suck if they've been accepted, but if you happen not to like their writing, and want to tell them so, make sure you let them know WHY. The community is about improving our writing skills.....and being elite literary bitches....but still, try to be nice

  6. We will be doing writing prompts and games and things like that....not sure how often yet, but will figure that out :)

  7. Each month, there will be a voting on the best piece of writing for that month

  8. Please put all poems/prose/whatever behind lj-cut. You can give a brief description of what it is outside the cut, but everything else MUST be inside.

  9. PROMOTE! Banners will be here.....eventually....yeah

Meet Your Mods

offbroadwaybaby  janex and  theicequeen06

feel free to grovel at our feet.

And we have a graphics bitch.


Accepted Members

firesizzle and irvine_wash